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Order Flow Trading by VOLFORTThis is The “Order Flow Trading by VOLFORT”, a professional day trading software in action.

Posted by Volfort on Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day Trading Order Flow Analysis Software by VOLFORT

VOLFORT™ is a development and research company founded by traders for traders. Our company made VolGraph™ fits with the world’s leading traders, we know all of our competitors day trading platforms and we made VolGraph™ most accurate, precise and intuitive Bid Ask (Order Flow) Analytics software, in other words, you will get the best answer to your chart within a minimum number of mouse/keyboard clicks.

VOLFORT™ goal achieved by making the fastest, most accurate, easy to read and stable bid ask and order flow analysis software, called VolGraph™.
We invested our time and funds, and we managed to transform years of proven trading knowledge into the VAIS – Volfort Artificial Intelligence Servers, which sends the VolSign and VolBars signals directly to VolFlow – the world’s most accurate order flow analysis day trading graph.

Trading Order Flow Analytics Bid Ask Software
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The magic of VolBars® algorithm exist
in every bar that opens during the trading day,
in any bar we may see
a change of direction in the market.
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VolGraph™3 Professional

VOLFORT™ goal achieved by making the best
order flow software called VolGraph™ Professional
for institutional traders and brokers in the capital market.


You may notice how beautiful the VolGraph™ order flow trading platform is, and that because we take design very seriously.
VolGraph™ starts with a beautiful colors and design, those colors let your eyes stay relax and your mind focus on making trading decisions.
If you look at competitors trading platforms you will see the known green and red color often, we made a research about colors theories to pick the right colors that will help us concentrate at trading, and NOT get tired from looking at the screens, and after a lot of tests we found the best color that day traders love.


VolSign® is probably the reason you are here, and the best tool we made for order flow day traders.

VolSign® is part of the VolFlow®, day trading volume order flow analytics graph. VolSign® created to help us enter scalping trades, and with the help of VolBars® we catch an entire trend in the market before the retail day traders sees it on their charts.

VolSign® continuously updating and the VAIS VolSign® AI Servers learn faster than ever to upgrade trading strategies algorithms as market changes, this is very significant for the day trader’s decision making.


The magic of VolBars® algorithm exist in every bar that opens during the trading day, in any bar we may see a change of direction in the market.
VolBars® is a powerful tool for short-term trading, can be found at the VolFlow® order flow bid ask analytics graph, help us take a profit or partial profit when it’s opening a new bar.

This bar-type-trading-algo works like a charm with VolSign® order flow trading signals, we encourage you to try VolBars® yourself and follow the market reaction with the genius VolGraph-Player®, order flow trades player, so you can build your unique way of trading with this tool.

Every trade has two sides, winner and loser.

Why winners win?

Winners fight with better weapon.
Winners have willpower.

VolGraph is the best weapon in the capital market.
Join us to be a winner.

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