connecting GAIN account with VOLFORT [Issues]

Here is an example of Connecting issue that can arise:

locked means you’ve been trying to reconnect many times and the server will block your retries for 10 minutes.

look for previous messages to understand the reason.
can be:

  1. Wrong username or password. – that can happen if you forget to erase the space at the end of the email or password.
  2. expired – means your 14 days trial has account is expired and you cannot use your email for more trials, you can ask to extend

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
we are available 24-7 at the chat on the right side of the screen 👉

All Data Feed Options

For data feed, we offer two options:
– Open a trading account with Gain (Demo or Funded)
– Register with IQ-Feed (for feed only)
– GlobalDataFeeds for Indian markets

GAIN Capital

With Gain, you can register for a 14-day trial (can also be extended upon request).
Gain’s demo offers a real-time trading data feed for futures, and a demo account for trading practice. You can register on


IQ-Feed also offers a trial period but they require a credit card for that registration.
IQ-Feed has a “pay for the instruments you use” model so you’d have to subscribe for each feature/exchange you’d like to use, such as stocks, futures, CME-realtime etc.
You can visit IQFeed at


We support the, which means you can watch all instruments in the Indian market if you have an account with them.
They provide a trial period.

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