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VolGraph. See The Futures.

VolGraph™3 Professional

VolGraph™3 Professional is a premium order flow trading and analysis platform.

VOLFORT’s goal achieved by making the fastest, most accurate, easy to read and stable Bid-Ask analysis solution, called VolGraph™.

Installations Required:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 download
Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 x64 version or x32 version
IQFeed Client download

Trading Order Flow Analytics Software
VolGraph VolSign VolBars Day Trading Order Flow Strategy Indicator


VolChart® may known as candlestick chart, the goal was to make it fit with the world’s leading traders, we know all of our competitors platforms and we made it way more accurate and easy to use, you will get the answer within a minimal mouse/keyboard clicks.
You may notice how beautiful VOLFORT’s websites and the VolGraph platform, and it is because we take design very seriously in our research and development process.
VolChart and VolGraph start with easy to read colors and you can customize it and save templates or set your favorite palette as default.


VolSign® is probably the reason you are here. We invested our time and funds, and managed to transform years of proven trading knowledge into Artificial Intelligence.
VolSign® appears on trading order flow analytics, VolFlow®, above or below any bar type you choose.
VolSign® created to help us enter scalping trades, and with the help of VolBars® we catch an entire trend in the market before anyone sees it on their charts.
VolSign® continuously updating and the VAIS VolSign® AI Servers learn faster than ever to upgrade algorithms as market changes, this is very significant for the trader’s decision making.

VolGraph VolSign VolBars Day Trading Order Flow Strategy IndicatorVolGraph VolSign VolBars Day Trading Order Flow Strategy IndicatorDay Traders trading order flow analysis
VolGraph VolSign VolBars Day Trading Order Flow Strategy IndicatorVolBars Day Trading Order Flow Strategy IndicatorVolGraph VolSign VolBars Day Trading Order Flow Strategy Indicator


The magic of VolBars® algorithm exist in every bar that opens on the order flow trading, VolFlow®,  during the trading day. In any bar that opens we may see a change of direction in the market.
This powerful tool for short-term trading help us take a profit or partial profit when it’s opening a new bar.
The next GIF Video shows that our servers are identifying weakening of the sellers on the market, and a new bar will open if it ranked as reliable exhaustion.
This algo works like a charm with VolSign®, we encourage you to try VolBars® yourself and follow the market reaction with the genius VolGraph Player* so you can build your unique way of trading with the best order flow trading tool.


You may notice how beautiful VOLFORT™ websites and the VolGraph™ platform are, and that because we take design very seriously in our research and development process.
In almost any tool in VolGraph you can also change the design and save templates or set your favorite pallets as default, but we believe you won’t need to.
If you look at competitors (just search images of “stock chart”) you will see the known green and red color often, we made a deep research about color theories to pick the right colors that will help us concentrate at trading, and NOT get tired from looking at the screen, after testing with hundreds of traders we found that traders used green/red colors are less focused on making decisions, and after researching we found the colors that day traders love.
VolGraph™ starts with a beautiful colors, those colors let your eyes stay relaxed and your mind to focus on making decisions.

Best Day Trading Order Flow Analysis Software
Best Day Trading Order Flow Analysis Software

VolGraph™ Player

VolGraph Player is the first tool we developed, and that because we just was frustrated without it.
This genius tool will make your order flow trading much easier to understand.
If you are a professional order flow trader you’ll probably ask “Why I’ve never seen it before?”. This tool will let you go deep level of investigate the market and mostly review your trades in a way that didn’t exist before.
the player has 3 modes:
1. Play trade after trade one by one. The big slider will change the speed of playing.
2. Play the market as is, in other words it will play the data history like it is real time, perfect to watch market reactions in high volume. the small slider will change the time interval, e.g x2 will replay 2 seconds of data in one second.
3. Simple button that ends the history playing immediately and sync with real time order flow trading data.


What is VolGraph?

VolGraph is a standalone platform that offers order flow analysis tools for traders.

Can VolGraph be used with other platforms like Ninja Trader?

No, VolGraph is a standalone platform that does not require any third-party software or plugins to function.

Is there a free trial available for VolGraph?

Yes, VOLFORT offers a free version with limited features that can be used to familiarize oneself with the software. Additionally, GAIN provides a 14-day free trial for their real-time data feed and demo trading account, which can be used to test the software and practice trading.

Is VolGraph compatible with Mac or mobile devices?

VolGraph is only available for Windows, but it can be used with simulators on Mac or accessed via remote control on a tablet.

Is there customer support available for VOLFORT?

Yes, VOLFORT offers customer support through email, phone, and live chat. Additionally, we have a comprehensive learning site that provides video explanations and user manuals to help you navigate our platform. If you encounter any issues or have questions about using VOLFORT, our support team is available through live chat to assist with troubleshooting and any other concerns you may have.